Bali: Harvest Your Coffee Beans

What's better than a steaming cup of fresh Balinese brew? A steaming cup of fresh Balinese brew that you helped harvest. That's (one of) the payoffs at the end of a day spent working alongside local farmers on a JED Village Ecotourism Network trip to Kiadan Pelaga, a tranquil town in the green highland heart of Bali. Begin your visit with a steaming cup of organic coffee and then meet the farmers who picked, roasted and ground the beans that made your brew. If you like, you can join them in their work (coffee harvesting begins in early summer), or take a hike past bamboo forests, redrice fields and ornate temples to reach a river where the fabled titiran bird may roam. Spend the night in a simple lodge with stunning sunset views. JED offers tours to four different Balinese villages, including Kiadan Pelaga, and each one features a different livelihood — from coffee production to seaweed farming — plus a trip to Perancak to release turtles into the wild. JED is owned and managed by the communities of four Balinese villages with the support of a non-governmental organization called the Wisnu Foundation, one of Bali's oldest environmental NGOs. Profits support community development and natural conservation projects. The trips promote pride in Balinese culture and, of course, superb coffee.