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Little England of the CaribbeanBarbados, the easternmost of the West Indies, is sometimes called "Little England" for its resolutely British character. Here you can read the cricket headlines over a breakfast of bangers, enjoy afternoon tea at your hotel, even don a jacket for dinner. But those traditions sometimes take on a Bajan twist. Breakfast can also feature fried flying fish, the rum shops function as local versions of British pubs, and the island "tuk bands" feature both drums and pennywhistles.

ISLANDS editor Eddy Patricelli recently visited Barbados to trace the meaning of its world famous rum, talking with people from rum shop regulars to church pastors to Mount Gay tour guides. To find out more about his article from the April/May issue of ISLANDS magazine, click here.

Watch Eddy's video from Barbados Harrison's Cave is in the Best of the Caribbean 2008