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You've probably know Antigua: resorts aplenty, more than 300 beaches, a favorite with sailors... But what about Barbuda? In the West Indian dual nation of Antigua and Barbuda, she is the forgotten stepchild - and for some sophisticated travelers, that's all the more reason to count their blessings.

Barbuda is actually about half the size of her glamorous sibling (and only a 20-minute flight away). However, as sister islands go, A & B are worlds apart. Barbuda has more than its share of glorious (and virtually deserted) beaches, but most of the island is low and scrubby, and the small population (about a thousand) is centered in the small town of Codrington.

Nature lovers will enjoy the island's famous Frigate Bird Sanctuary, the reefs offshore provide pristine snorkeling and are home to centuries of shipwrecks. The getaway-from-it-all factor? A solid 10. Aside from guesthouses, lodgings are mostly limited to a handful of upscale resorts. (How upscale? Well, Princess Diana was a frequent guest at one club.) If you haven't heard about Barbuda, it's probably because it's in a West Indian time warp, the way the much of the Caribbean was decades ago.