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Become a NAUI Scuba Diver and Open Wild New Worlds

January 10, 2019

Material things fade. Experiences last forever. And in the realm of amazing adventures guaranteed to leave a lasting impression — it’s tough to top scuba diving.

Exploring hidden worlds. Gliding effortlessly underwater. Encountering astonishing creatures. Marveling at a rainbow of colors on a teeming coral reef. Probing mysterious shipwrecks. Navigating among an underwater forest of kelp. Venturing where few humans have gone before. To outsiders, scuba diving might seem too good to be true. But all of these over-the-top superlatives and worn-out clichés are real. It’s simply that amazing. And within your reach.

Humans have fantasized about what lies below the water’s surface since our first ancient ancestor grew brave enough to plunge their head underwater. Today, there’s an endless array of wonders awaiting below the surface. And besides the creatures great and small that inhabit the seas — we get it all to ourselves. All you have to do to join in the fun is learn how to blow bubbles.


Getting certified to dive is fun and exciting. While advances in dive technology continue to change the equipment and manner in which training is provided, one thing has remained a constant – good training starts with good instruction. The National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) is known and respected as an industry leader in scuba training across the globe.

Becoming a NAUI Scuba Diver means earning not only a bona fide, globally-accepted certification to dive, but also developing the skills and understanding to be both competent and confident on your own in a variety of underwater environments. With the motto of “Dive Safety Through Education,” NAUI Instructors are empowered with the freedom to customize their courses specifically to how their students learn best, both in the classroom and in the water. Every NAUI Scuba Diver course includes rescue training, so you can be assured that you’ll know how to safely deal with a wide variety of challenges. And because NAUI is one of the dive industry’s largest non-profit certification agencies, you can be assured their focus is on providing you with some of the most thorough and comprehensive training in the industry. In fact, part of the NAUI Credo is the “Loved One Concept,” which means that an individual should not be qualified as a NAUI Instructor unless those certifying them would allow that instructor to teach their own loved ones to dive. Plus, NAUI Instructors assign that same measure to every diver they train – would they allow their divers to dive with someone they love?

Diving will open wild new worlds to explore and help you grow confidence like you’ve never known before. Developing the skills needed to dive is an exercise of both the mind and the body — not to mention the heart. As your mastery grows, so will your courage. With each new personal limit shattered, you’ll become bolder and better equipped to tackle whatever life throws at you. And if you’re learning to dive with friends or loved ones, the rare and powerful experiences you’ll share will strengthen your relationships like few other activities can.


Because diving is truly an international community, completing your NAUI Scuba Diver certification will initiate you into a global tribe of bold, eco-conscious adventurers of every age, ethnicity and lifestyle. At exciting travel destinations around the planet, you’ll find like-minded divers who share a priceless secret — the ability to explore the underwater world. You won’t get this type of camaraderie on a golf course or in a softball league. Deep bonds are forged at every depth and common ground is easy to find underwater. You may begin your dive as strangers, but you surface as friends. From the United States to Asia, from the Caribbean to the South Pacific, from Australia to Europe, and from South American to Africa, divers speak the common language of scuba. And it won’t take you long to discover that divers are often the most interesting people in the room.

There’s no good reason to put off becoming a scuba diver. You’ll find NAUI dive centers in nearly every country, so chances are there’s an experienced, enthusiastic NAUI Instructor in your own community primed and ready to show you the way. They’re keen to answer any and all questions you might have about training, equipment and travel. Finding the right instructor to suit your goals and learning style is as easy as picking up the phone to have a chat, checking out the NAUI website, or dropping by the shop for a look around. There’s no obligation in asking questions or getting online and giving the eLearning a try (for NAUI’s Try Scuba and Passport Scuba Diver Programs) to see what it’s all about. Divers are always psyched to talk about diving. And you’ll quickly discover that your local dive store is a cool haven of culture where you’ll find kindred spirits to build your knowledge, blow your mind and get you started.

The underwater world is waiting to wow you with wild and wonderful sights and sensations. Once you experience the thrill and excitement of scuba diving, you’ll wonder why you ever waited. Become a NAUI scuba diver and unlock experiences that will change your life forever.


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