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Fly to Bermuda from New York on Jet Blue.

Stay at 9 Beaches. Sporting a New England vibe in a Caribbean- style setting, Bermuda's 9 Beaches features soft-sided cabanas made of a material like sailcloth, and a casual, flip-flops-required dress code. Cell phones provided at check-in let guests contact the concierge or order roving room service.

Sleep in a 350-year-old cottage with original cedar beams at Seafarer's Cottage. This building, now restored, was once the residence of a sea-faring trader. Its downstairs has a private kitchen where sailors used to gather for dinner, and you'll still find seafood on the menu. Pegem Cottage at Cambridge Beaches is on the west side of the island. Rates from $1,015 per night, including breakfast and tea.

Play numerous sports and activities. There is golf, horseback riding, and the national pastime of tennis, which you can play on the more than 100 courts. Offshore, divers can explore the 400- plus shipwrecks -- some dating back to the 17th century -- while enjoying visibility to 90 feet. And for the downtime between activities, you can always retreat to Bermuda's legendary pink- sand beaches to plan your next workout.

Eat the fish chowder at The Hog Penny, The Lobster Pot or Tom Moore's Tavern.

Climb to the top of Gibb's Hill Lighthouse, a cast-iron structure built in 1846. The view, even from the base, is worth the trip. Leave time for lunch or tea at the Lighthouse Tea Room, which serves delicious salads and offers a tempting selection of home- made cakes.

Seek St. George. Find the oldest stone building on the island: its annual rent is paid with a single peppercorn. Answer: the State House in St. George, which was built back in 1620. While in St. George, also go to Ordnance Island. There is also a replica of Deliverance, a cedar boat built by the marooned Sea Venture passengers to continue their trip to Jamestown, Virginia. And visit Somers' Garden where the heart of Admiral Sir George Somers is buried. Better yet, try to catch a lantern tour: E. Michael Jones discusses St. George's history and folklore as he leads evening lantern tours through the town every Monday-Thursday. Private tours must be arranged in advance, and the minimum group rate for an hour and a half is $200. Contact Jones at 441-526-8000 or

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