Best Bahamas Trips: Harbour Island

"I'm just not sure I get it." From up here on the bluff, turquoise water laps silently at pink-hued sand. The sun is high, the sky blue. I've just finished a sweet mango smoothie and a plate of moist and flavorful fresh mahimahi. I've no reason to be so agitated. Yet I am. "If you can't find what's so special on Harbour Island, then you're looking too hard," Amanda McGowan replies. The Manhattanite has been a regular visitor to the island for a dozen years. We're at the hip lunch spot Sip Sip, and we've gotten to chatting, the way people often do on this casually chic atoll. Her insight jolts my aggressive New Yorker mindset, and even after I pay my bill, climb into my golf cart — the primary mode of transport on the island — and roll back toward Dunmore Town, Amanda's words are still ringing in my head.