Best Bahamas Trips: Why We Love The Atlantis Resort

See why we love the famous Atlantis resort in the Bahamas so much, from the family amenities to the luxury Cove, all a cheap flight from Florida.

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aquarium atlantis resort bahamas
The Atlantis aquarium is a must-do, even if you're just on a cruise stop in Nassau. Hurry over here. | Lori Barbely
bridge luxury suite atlantis resort bahamas
The nightly rate is about $25,000 for the super-luxe, 4,740-square-foot Bridge Suite favored by A-listers like Oprah. | Courtesy Atlantis
beach tree atlantis resort bahamas
There are still quiet corners of Atlantis, like on the beach of Paradise Island. | Lori Barbely
cove patio atlantis resort bahamas
The Cove Atlantis is the luxury resort within a resort, which is exactly the type of Atlantis vacation that our CT+L travel expert Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon loved in her stay at the Cove. Read her Atlantis resort review. | Lori Barbely
baths pool atlantis resort bahamas
There are 750,000 gallons of water in the Baths, the largest pool in Atlantis — but not the world. (That honor goes to Chile's 66-million-gallon San Alfonso del Mar pool.) Less is more. | Courtesy Atlantis
cove room atlantis resort bahamas
As Sarah says about the Cove Atlantis, "On a recent quickie visit, time in my room was spent only to shower, dress or sleep." She kept very busy. | Lori Barbely
waterslide atlantis resort bahamas
It's a 60-foot near vertical drop from the top of the Leap of Faith water slide to the shark-filled pool below. Not for acrophobes. Or charkophobes either. | Lori Barbely
interior suite atlantis resort bahamas
It is hard to pull yourself away from these luxury surroundings. | Lori Barbely
atlantis resort bahamas lazy river
Atlantis already looks like it was designed and built by a 9-year-old (we mean that as a compliment – 9-year-olds know how to design serious fun). But the lazy river is perfect for all ages. | Zach Stovall
mandara spa atlantis resort bahamas
There are 13,895 manicures and pedicures given every year at the Mandara Spa in Atlantis, polishing off 3,000 bottles of nail polish annually. That's an average of 38 a day — book ahead. | Courtesy Atlantis
beach view atlantis resort bahamas
The view from above, including the beach | Lori Barbely
rotunda atlantis resort bahamas
Is this what the real Atlantis looks like? From here at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas, it's 4,265 miles to Dona Ana Park in Cadiz, Spain, the latest candidate for the lost city of Atlantis. Plato said Atlantis disappeared thousands of years ago "in a single day and night." | Lori Barbely
exterior atlantis resort bahamas
It has more than 3,400 rooms, 40 bars and restaurants, 11 swimming pools and 50,000 sea creatures in 14 man-made lagoons. And in our last readers' poll, the Bahamas' Atlantis Paradise Island resort got more votes for favorite destination than 20 actual islands. Take a closer look at the hotel that's raised living large to an art for Caribbean vacations. | Courtesy Atlantis