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Best Hawaii Trips: Big Island's Top 10 Must-Sees

No matter how many times photographer Jon Whittle shoots the Big Island, he comes away amazed. These are the 10 most unforgettable scenes from his most recent trip.

Kohala area of the Big Island

The Kohala area of the Big Island sports some of the most dramatic views of the region and is more reminiscent of Kauai than anywhere else on this island.

Jon Whittle


Our helicopter pilot waits patiently while we explore the nearby waterfall cascading down the face of the cliff behind him on the Kohala coast.

Jon Whittle

Akaka Falls

Beautiful Akaka Falls is incredibly popular with tourists looking for an easy hike with huge payoffs.

Jon Whittle

Big Island coastline

The rugged coastline of the Big Island provides ample opportunities to create stunning landscape images.

Lava flow

Unless you’re caught in the middle of it, it’s always a treat to see lava and know you’re witnessing the newest creation of land on the planet. From a helicopter it’s an amazing sight.

Jon Whittle

Lava flows into sea

Although it might look like an amazing coral reef waits just below the surface, the texture you’re seeing from the air is actually just old lava flows that have made their way into the sea.

Jon Whittle

Mauna Kea Milky Way

The Milky Way is so bright from the summit of Mauna Kea that on a clear night you can see it stretch from horizon to horizon.

Jon Whittle

Desolation Trail

The Desolation Trail lives up to its name. This valley was destroyed by a lava flow years ago and hikers can traverse the blackened ground and get a firsthand look at the aftermath of an eruption.

Jon Whittle

Watching lava flow

There is nothing more spectacular than watching lava flow into the sea. The sound alone is magnificent, like being caught inside a steaming bowl of rice crispies with an otherworldly light show to match.

Jon Whittle

Kealakekua Bay

Kealakekua Bay provides excellent snorkeling and paddleboarding opportunities.


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