Best Hawaii Trips: Lanai’s Top 10 Must-Sees

January 23, 2015

It’s been called “the forgotten Hawaiian island” or “the lost Hawaiian island” or “the orange Hawaiian island.” When ISLANDS photographer Zach Stovall landed on Lanai, after taking the ferry over from Maui, he wondered how he’d spend five days here. Then he rented a jeep and followed the locals.

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Polihua Beach
Polihua Beach is the longest stretch of white sand on Lanai, at 1.5 miles. It’s also the quietest beach. Actually, they’re all quiet here. Zach Stovall
The Four Seasons in Lanai
There are two luxury resorts on Lanai: The Four Seasons and The Four Seasons. This one is at Ko’ele, set in the rugged hills. Zach Stovall
The Four Seasons at Ko’ele
The fountains and croquet court outside The Four Seasons at Ko’ele reminded me I was on the grounds of a posh place. My dusty orange footprints reminded me I was on a wild island. Zach Stovall
Four-wheel drive
It’s four-wheel-drive or nothing on Lanai. And sometimes even the former can lead to trouble. Zach Stovall
Island camping
Islanders from Lanai and Maui relax with a more traditional form of lodging: They camp on the beach. Zach Stovall
Hulopoe Beach
Hulopoe Beach is one of the favorite spots for locals looking for a place to set up camp. They grill just-caught fish at night and wake up to epic surf in the morning. Zach Stovall
Hulopoe Beach in Manele Bay
These are the cliffs at Hulopoe Beach in Manele Bay. Off in the distance is Sweetheart Rock — it’s 80-feet tall and everyone on Lanai knows how to find it. Zach Stovall
Four Seasons at Manele Bay
Here’s “the other” Four Seasons on Lanai. This one is at Manele Bay, with access to a gorgeous beach and to one of the most popular surfing spots with locals. Zach Stovall
Stables at Koele
Horses are the best alternatives to jeeps on Lanai. Which is why the Stables at Koele are high on the list of attractions (it’s a short list). The ride on the Paniolo Trail with local cowboys is amazing. Zach Stovall
Sunsets on Lanai
Sunsets on Lanai are just as spectacular as sunsets on other Hawaiian Islands, though you’re far more likely to enjoy them all to yourself.

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