Best of Italy: Our 20 favorite photos

February 13, 2013

Even though I tend to gain 10 pounds or so with each visit, Italy is still one my favorite destinations to go on assignment. From the surreal sight of Castello Aragonese looming over the island of Ischia to the awe-inspiring views of Mount Etna on Sicily, there’s never a shortage of visual inspiration. Italia is one of those places that make my job as photographer for Islands look easy…almost too easy.

Valley of the Temple in Agrigento
The Valley of the Temple in Agrigento is even more beautiful when bathed in that warm afternoon light we all love. Jon Whittle
If you want that iconic, coastal scene of cities built up the cliffs over the blue Mediterranean, look no further than Amalfi. Jon Whittle
Marzamemi is a Sicilian fishing village that looks exactly how you’ve always imagined a Sicilian fishing village should. Aside from the views, Marzamemi also offers some of the most amazing seafood I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. Jon Whittle
The narrow streets of Noto attract thousands of visitors every year to experience the beautiful cathedrals and stunning architecture that have made the city famous. Jon Whittle
You can’t visit northwestern Sicily without making a stop at Segesta, one of the most well preserved Greek Doric Temples in the world. Jon Whittle
Capri lives up to all of its promises of beauty and romance. The view of the city at twilight is one to remember. Jon Whittle
Zingaro Nature Reserve
I took a short hike to have this small and beautiful beach in the Zingaro Nature Reserve in Sicily all to myself. Jon Whittle
Ischia Island
A view of the waterfront on Ischia Island. Jon Whittle
You can lose yourself for the day in Taormina visiting the ruins of an ancient theater or just wandering the streets shopping. Jon Whittle
Shopping in Italy
It’s rumored that people come from all over the world to shop in Sicily, but my wallet has never been thick enough to consider it. Jon Whittle
Mount Etna
Hiking Mount Etna amidst the fall foliage is an experience not to miss. The combination of autumn leaves and black lava rock is dramatic and wonderful. Jon Whittle
Woman in Capri
I don’t know a single thing about this woman whose home overlooked the beautiful waterfront of Capri, but I can only imagine that window has framed some amazing sights through the years. Jon Whittle
La Chiesa Madre di San Nicola
The façade of La Chiesa Madre di San Nicola is one of the most prominent attractions in Noto. Jon Whittle
Amalfi beach
Colorful umbrellas offer some shade to the beachgoers along the shore of Amalfi. Jon Whittle
Capri’s coastline
Capri’s coastline is famous for the arches and grottos that have formed where the Mediterranean carved the cliffs into artistic scenes. Jon Whittle
It’s easy to dawdle in the medieval town of Erice, Sicily marveling at history’s leftovers. Jon Whittle
Views from Capri
The views from Capri are exactly what you’d expect from this island…fabulous. Jon Whittle
Italian food

You may not always be able to remember the name of the dishes you eat in Italy, but you’ll never forget how delicious they look before you dig in.

Jon Whittle
Sicily fishing village
Looking down at this little fishing village near Taormina it’s easy to imagine living in Sicily. Jon Whittle
Castello Aragonese
One of my favorite evenings was watching the sun set by Castello Aragonese on Ischia Island. Jon Whittle

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