Photo Editing Apps for Travel Photography

Use these photo editing tools to enhance your travel photographs

June 10, 2016

Photo editing apps help make your travel photographs picture perfect. These three are the best of the best.

Best Photo Editing Software for Travel Photography
Best Photo Editing Software for Travel Photography Shutterstock


Adobe Photoshop is so synonymous with photography that it has even become its own verb — just Photoshop it! But it’s also a massive (and costly) program that’s far too robust for the basic user. Enter Adobe Lightroom, whose sleek interface and deep image-processing capabilities are ideal for every level of shooter. Within its “develop” module (where the image manipulation occurs), you’ll find slider bars for everything — from basic contrast and saturation adjustments to advanced camera calibration options. The free Lightroom mobile app (with much less functionality) can sync with your Adobe account, allowing for seamless cloud editing on the go.


Available for both iPhone and iPad, this photo editing app truly shines on the latter. Photogene has the standard contrast, color balance, saturation and effects you’d expect, but it also gives users metadata editing, export resizing and options to remove noise. It can sync your files directly to Flickr, Dropbox, Facebook, Picasa and more, ensuring you won’t miss a beat between snap and share. Unlike most mobile apps, Photogene supports RAW files as well as JPEGS.



This photo editing app for both Apple and Android devices boasts over 2 million combinations of free effects, overlays and filters. Its robust adjustment and effects program also allows users to create collages with multiple images. Text effects and a selection of image borders and frames help polish your photo before posting. Amazingly, this gem of an app is free, but you can pay to expand its database of filters and effects.


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