Best Private Islands: Bahama's Star Island

The promise of a new "green" retreat in Eleuthera is why Star Island made this list. Imagine a private-island resort that draws all of its power from solar shingles and small wind turbines and that has a marina with no gas, only sailboats & solar-powered electrical plug-ins. That's what developer David Sklar imagined in his designs for Star Island, which stands for Sustainable Terrain and Resources. The 20-bungalow, 48-hotel-room resort still plans to have the amenities travelers expect, including a spa. Set to open late this year, the promising island could be an inspiring example. See photos. _ __ Here's further info from the managers of Star Island: _Is there a specific date set for the grand opening and are you currently taking reservations? At this point in the project's development, it is too soon to predict a grand opening date, but it is slated for late 2009. They are not yet taking reservations as the owner is still working to secure a management company for his resort. View Larger Map
What in Star Island's construction so far is proving to be the most effectively eco-friendly? The project is using a micro-grid power system that incorporates solar power, wind power and micro-hydro sources. As opposed to draining electricity from a grid like current developments, the homes and hotel rooms on Star Island will fuel the grid simply because of their seamlessly integrated power sources such as Photovoltaic shingles and mini wind turbines. By using this revolutionary new power system, the entire island will be completely non-dependent upon traditional electricity and power sources, and guests won't know the difference! Flat screen TVs and air conditioning will all be able to be enjoyed without any environmental impact-derived guilt. As a bonus, during hurricanes and storms when electricity tends to go out in the islands, Star Island's power supply will be stronger than ever.Which of the resort's offerings will best celebrate the authentic island culture?Music, d├ęcor and entertainment is still being decided upon. However as the island is sustainable, David Sklar and his team will be incorporating as many supplies from The Bahamas as possible, such as local produce and artwork. The project will also employ dozens of local Bahamanian people. As the first resort of its kind to be so eco-friendly, Star Island will also be creating a new luxurious environmentally-embracing culture of its own moving forward, which is a pretty big feat!Which amenities or features do you anticipate will be the most popular with guests?The resort will feature a luxury spa, as well as a gourmet market that serves fresh, local produce. Every room at Star Island is oceanfront, so activities such as snorkeling, swimming and kayaking are sure to be top favorites. It will also boast a no-fuel marina, where guests can take out sail boats and power their yacht engines using solar energy sources.To find out more information and book your stay, visit click here.