The BodyHoliday Debuts New DNA-Based Wellness Program

Turns out DNA tests aren't just for The Jerry Springer Show.

The BodyHoliday — a health and wellness resort on Saint Lucia — is seriously making your next stay all about you with its new BodyScience program: Before coming to the all-inclusive resort, you provide a DNA sample and complete a few simple at-home tests. Using a mix of modern technology and Eastern Ayurvedic medicine, the health professionals at The BodyHoliday take the info from your tests and create what they call a "genetically grounded roadmap" that you use during and after your stay, guiding you toward the ultimate in personalized wellness.

The tests provide extensive information on your body type, diet and what the best kind of exercise is right for your body not to harm itself. Long after the relaxtion of a vacation in the Caribbean wears off, you'll also have a new understanding of yourself, and we think the $3,000 price tag is worth that. Book now.