Borneo: Dinner Just One Knock Away


On the island of Borneo, your next knockknock joke may end in a feast fit for a sultan. Many market dishes are still sold from private homes, and customers knock on the door to place their orders. The practice explains one popular fast-food dish: nasi katok, or "knock rice," a mound of rice served in a wax-paper cone and topped with fried chicken, egg and spicy sambal chili sauce. Find the best market dishes at Brunei's pasar malam, the night market, held in the buzzing commercial district of Gadong. For dessert, try kueh wajid, wads of rice caramelized in palm sugar and coconut cream. Wash it down with Cendol, a potion of green bean-flour droplets mixed with palm sugar and coconut milk. With dishes priced at around one U.S. dollar per serving, your taste buds will have you knocking loudly for more.