Introducing Corona Island, The Caribbean's New Exclusive, Eco-Friendly Luxury Resort

It won’t be easy getting there, but the iconic beer brand promises it will be totally worth it.

Worldwide beverage icon Corona recently announced the unveiling of its own Caribbean island in early 2022. This one-of-a-kind destination, simply named Corona Island, aims to further the brand's mission to provide the world a wholesome way to disconnect from life's problems and to reconnect with natural tropical beauty.

Corona's recipe has always been centered around using natural ingredients and many consumers have long associated the brand's unique flavor and aesthetic with the beach. The unique experience of Corona Island, where travelers can relax and enjoy the pristine nature of the island in a responsible and environmentally friendly way, will ideally reinvigorate a love for the natural world that travelers can take back home. 

Corona Island will only host a small number of guests at a time in order to preserve the island's low ecological impact, and there won't be a lot of ways for travelers to win access to this promising destination. While a global auction hosted by CharityBuzz recently closed, with the winner buying an exclusive ten-person group stay for a whole week in September 2022, everyone else in select countries will have to wait for focused contests and the chances to earn miles. Unfortunately, that doesn't yet include U.S. residents.

The proceeds from the auction go to the non-profit organization Oceanic Global, which works to raise awareness and support for issues affecting the health of the world's oceans. The prize package included airfare, lodging in private beachside bungalows, and dining on some of the freshest, most natural, and most delicious food available in the Caribbean. 

In addition to normal island activities, Corona Island will offer workshops on sustainable consumption, plastic-free living, and tours that showcase the island's natural beauty and stunning scenery against the backdrop of the clear blue Caribbean Sea and untouched white sand beaches. Guests will also be able to take part in guided meditations to relax and nourish the body and mind with eco-conscious food options with locally sourced ingredients. 

Corona intends for the island to become Blue Verified by Oceanic Global following the meticulous Blue Standard verification program which measures ecological sustainability and low-impact waste management protocols. To date, Corona has been involved in over 1,400 projects to protect the islands of the Caribbean and has worked with over 68,000 volunteers to protect 250 islands in the region.