After Three Long Years, The Mount Nevis Hotel Finally Reopens Its Doors

With renovated rooms and a new restaurant, this special property will make 2023 very exciting for this island.

With her rich charm and extensive natural beauty, Nevis has quickly reemerged in recent months as one of the most buzzworthy islands for 2023. Long recognized as a "hidden gem" in the Caribbean—and perhaps sometimes forgotten next to her more famous neighbor, St. Kitts—this destination is probably best known as Alexander Hamilton's birthplace; however, adventurous travelers know that Nevis is way more than that.

This month, the buzz is even louder with the announcement that The Mount Nevis Hotel has reopened its doors for the first time in three years, welcoming longtime guests back to the same family-owned and -operated sense of hospitality that has made this the place to be for several decades. And the timing couldn't be better, as the island's most vocal supporters continue to tout her many spectacular aspects.

"To have a historic hotel such as The Mount Nevis Hotel re-open is thrilling for us since this property encapsulates the beauty of our island for guests to enjoy," Devon Liburd, CEO of the Nevis Tourism Authority, explained. "Providing travelers with excellent accommodation options continues elevating the Nevis experience."

mount nevis hotel
Guests have always enjoyed classic Caribbean charm here, and now they'll find even more perks. | The Mount Nevis Hotel

When they check in, guests will discover a new look for all 45 of the suites and rooms spread across the five pavilions. The design and décor feature authentic Nevisian details that will make everyone feel at home as they lounge on their private balconies and enjoy some of the best views in the region. 

But the cherry on top is the hotel's new restaurant, led by Chefs Liam and Markeeta, who will put their international culinary educations to great use while continuing the Mount Nevis tradition of using the freshest ingredients grown on-site in the organic kitchen garden.

To make the celebration even sweeter, the hotel is offering two free nights to guests who book seven. And if there's a fear there isn't enough to do on Nevis in nine days, the local tour guides will undoubtedly accept that challenge.