Caribe Hilton Wants Guests To Get The Most Of Puerto Rico Comic Con 2023

This iconic hotel’s superpower is creating exceptionally fun activities that promote the island’s culture and heritage.

With the cultural explosion of all things superheroes and the eternal love that science fiction fans have for their favorite titles and characters, there's no wonder there's a Comic Con taking place every weekend in cities across the U.S. Everyone from the most casual followers to the downright obsessed stand in lines for hours to pick up new variants of their favorite books and have myriad collectibles signed by their favorite actors and artists. But factor in tropical vibes, spectacular food, and one of the coolest hotels in San Juan, and Puerto Rico Comic Con 2023 might just be the event of the year.


That's especially the case if traveling fans book a room at Caribe Hilton, the birthplace of the piña colada and a property that simply oozes history. For this year's big showcase, which takes place from April 7-9 at the Puerto Rico Convention Center, the hotel has teamed up with Brooklyn-based philanthropist and Somos Arte creative director Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez to not only promote his celebrated graphic novel series, La Borinqueña, but to also hopefully inspire guests to tap into their own creative strengths.

In addition to receiving a special welcome amenity with products related to La Borinqueña, visitors who take advantage of this Caribe Hilton experience that runs from April 6-11 can enjoy a poolside reading, meet and greet with Miranda-Rodriguez, and even score some autographs. Aspiring artists will be especially keen on the Make Your Own Superhero and Create Your Own Comic Book Cover classes. The cherry on top is a $10 donation to the La Borinqueña Grant Awards.


La Borinqueña tells the story of Marisol Rios De La Luz, a Columbia University student living with her parents in Brooklyn. While spending a semester studying abroad in Puerto Rico, her life changes for the extraordinary when she explores some caves and discovers five crystals that, when combined, summon the Taino mother goddess Atabex and her sons, Yúcahu (spirt of the seas and mountains) and Juracan (spirit of the hurricanes). The trio gives Marisol the power of flight and ability to control storms.

Puerto Rico Comic Con 2023 is headlined by Christina Ricci, Gabriel Luna, and Tom Sturridge, among others.