Feast Your Eyes On 'The Village,' The Newest Estate At Richard Branson's Moskito Island

The fourth addition to this private Caribbean escape is easily the best yet.

After nearly a decade of building buzz, Sir Richard Branson's newest private Caribbean escape, Moskito Island, finally debuted three new estates last year. The Branson, Point, and Oasis concepts were praised for their stunning designs, as each accommodation was as unique from the others as it was luxurious. Spacious suites and multi-level, open-air rooms highlight these architectural marvels, and it was easy to wonder how anything would top them.

And then came The Village. One year later, Moskito Island has debuted its fourth estate, and no one—not even the namesake owner of the Branson Estate—would blame you if you declared this the best one yet. The nine-bedroom retreat sits on the western tip of this British Virgin Islands destination, and guests will be able to look out from their stylish, comfortable suites and admire the views of neighboring Virgin Gorda.

moskito island village suite
Guests will rave about the views for the rest of their lives. | Moskito Island

Set on 3.5 acres, the 18,100-sq. ft. Village is a resort of its own, offering nine rooms that are matched in their splendor by the surrounding terraces and patios. Even in a large group, guests will easily find seclusion by spreading out into the living spaces for rest, relaxation, and even a movie night. Of course, every group has its leader and here that honor begets the two-story Master Suite, which was designed as a circular loop, so there is no such thing as a bad view.

moskito island village dining
The experience includes meals prepared by Moskito Island's team of private chefs. | Moskito Island

The Village is also an entertainer's dream vacation spot. In addition to the sound-proof home movie theater, visitors will enjoy how the main house's bar sits above the estate, acting as a playground centerpiece for families and large groups who want to cap off a stay with one epic celebration. Music and lighting are synced throughout to keep the good vibes flowing, which is essential after a long day of literally sliding from the infinity pool to another pool on the lower level, but the drawback there is having to climb the stairs to get back to the sunken bar for another round.

moskito island village aerial
The layout of The Village makes each room feel like a resort within a resort. | Moskito Island

As many as 18 guests can experience the vacation of a lifetime at The Village, but between the vast array of amenities and onsite recreational options, as well as the incredible meals that will be created by the team of private chefs, there's no way one visit will ever include every aspect of excellence offered in this estate.