St. Maarten Is About To Prove Why It Is The Culinary Capital Of The Caribbean

The entire month of November will be loaded with ‘Flavors’ at many of the Dutch side’s excellent restaurants.

In case you haven't heard, St. Maarten has some pretty amazing food. In fact, there are so many great restaurants, bars, and lolos that it's practically impossible to dine at every "must-visit" spot in one vacation, unless you're prepared to ruin all that beach bod work in a matter of days (although, it might be worth it). This year alone, I have recommended St. Maarten to friends and family more than any other destination because, as I tell everyone, "You just have to try Sexy Beef."

People on every island will insist they have the best food, but St. Maarten's claim to be the "Culinary Capital of the Caribbean" exists with unlimited and unflinching confidence. And if experts of gastronomy (gastronomers?) aren't convinced, they'll have the best chance yet to eat as much food as humanly possible when the Dutch side's culinary month, known as St. Maarten Flavors, kicks off on November 1. 
All month long, 15 restaurants (and counting) will showcase their specialties with prix fix menus, so visitors just might be able to fit the best of the best into one week on the island. Fit into their swimsuits after? That's another question. Among the participating establishments are Aziana, Bold Buddha, Bovin Steakhouse, Emilio's, Infinity, Jax Steakhouse, La Patrona, Pure Ocean, SALT, Topper's, Three Amigos, and Veranda Market & Bistro. Also included are two of my personal favorites: Ocean Lounge at Holland House and the Dutch Blonde Beach Bar.

Holland House
We're not sure what we love more about Holland House: the views or the food. | Bronwyn Knight

"The SHTA is thrilled to promote the many outstanding culinary experiences prepared by our high-end restaurants as well as our unique streetside lolos and food trucks," explained Wyb Meijer, Executive Director of the St. Maarten Hospitality and Trade Association. "Our culinary offerings are as widely represented as our population, with so many unbelievable Flavors competing for our next meal. St. Maarten Flavors will allow you to indulge in the best that St. Maarten has to offer at affordable pricing, giving you a perfect reason to dine out and try new places with family and friends."

What will make this especially inclusive is the set price point, as it will allow all travelers to have a chance to dine at places they may have otherwise missed in any other month. And with the island's immense cultural diversity, guests can expect to discover myriad new tastes as well.

In fairness to the French side, St. Martin will also be showcasing its own immense culinary creativity and talent throughout November. Fete de la Cuisine will take place from November 4-12 and Festival Gastronomie will immediately follow it, running from November 13-30.