Vacation Like A Rock Star At The Estate Formerly Owned By Prince

Emara is one of the most extravagant rental properties in the Turks and Caicos Islands—purple driveway and all.

When the news broke that a private equity firm CEO from North Carolina had purchased Prince's incredible Turks and Caicos estate, people wondered if the days were numbered for the iconic purple driveway. The new owner claimed he was a Prince fan and swore the color would remain, but that never stops the rumor mill from churning. 


Painting over such a landmark would be a pop culture travesty, like forcing ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons to shave his beard or Jimmy Buffett to wear close-toed shoes. Alas, such concerns were for naught, and the purple remains. Best of all, you can see for yourself with the private estate vacation of a lifetime.

Emara exterior
Emara is split into two properties, East and West, for smaller groups, or it can be rented as one small resort. | Emara

Known as Emara, the estate is available for rent, and given its historical importance, it is undoubtedly one of the coolest properties anywhere in the Caribbean. Even without the "royal" background, Prince's former vacation home is like a miniature resort, set on eight acres of a peninsula that offers one of the most secluded experiences anywhere in this region.

private beach
A private beach awaits below Emara West. | Emara

Privacy is, of course, the key word here. Staying somewhere as amazing as Emara means you shouldn't have to leave the property, other than for excursions (and my personal recommendation of a steak dinner at Le Bouchon du Village). On-site or away, the private concierge will organize all activities, and for those who prefer maximum exclusivity, private chefs and butlers are available at an additional cost.

oceanside lounge
Families can unwind in Emara East's oceanside lounge, enjoying the amazing views Turks and Caicos is known for. | Emara

Now, this is not a rental for a quick couple's escape, nor is it the kind of place a few buddies hunker down at for a weekend of fishing (not that we'd judge anyone harshly for doing so). Emara offers two properties in one, allowing smaller groups or larger families to book the nine-bedroom West side (seven bedrooms have king beds, while two have queens) or the eight-bedroom East side, in which all rooms have bathrooms and king beds.

Oceanside view
Seven of Emara East's eight bedrooms offer exquisite ocean views. One guest will settle for the marina. | Emara

But for those who share the "Go Big, Spend Big" mantra, book the entire place. Seventeen bedrooms with the private beach and bay all to yourselves. Charter a boat with some jet skis and hit the legendary blue waters surrounding these islands for snorkeling, fishing, diving, and generally exceptional rest and relaxation.

Emara dining
An ideal setting for the most unforgettable family moments. | Emara

Imagine being able to brag to friends and Instagram followers that your destination wedding and honeymoon took place at the same estate where Prince used to unwind. Just don't forget to take a selfie on the driveway to prove you were there.