10 Unique Island Traditions For Celebrating The Holidays

Around the globe the holiday season is celebrated in many different ways. From Mochi pounding in Hawaii to glowing parols in the Philippines, this festive time year is great for traveling to the islands.

Mochi Pounding, Big Island, Hawaii
At this Hawaiian festival, take your turn pounding sticky rice into mochi (traditional rice cakes) for good luck in the new year — and good eats. A hearty plate lunch follows soon after your hard work.
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Christmas Stroll, Nantucket
Watch Santa arrive via a Coast Guard boat, then parade down Main Street in a horse-drawn carriage. Festive storefronts and carolers get you in the spirit of the season.
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Rainforest Week, Lord Howe Island
Hike to the top of 2,870-foot Mount Gower on this Australian island to see native plants in bloom. Look for the Giant Heath, an endemic tree found only on the summit.
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Islands Made for Walking, New Zealand
All you need to experience New Zealand this December is a good pair of walking shoes. Winter in the States means summer for the Kiwis. Hike the Te Araroa ("the long path" in Maori) from Cape Reinga on the North Island to Stirling Point on the South Island. The path is a project designed to connect the entire country in a public circuit of paved footpaths.
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Parading Parols, Philippines
Share in the Philippines' display of Christmas spirit at the annual Giant Lantern Festival in the village of San Fernando, centrally located on the island of Luzon. The festival brings together skilled craftsmen and artists to design brightly colored, star-shaped parols (lanterns), each powered by up to 5,000 bulbs.
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Saba Day, Saba
Join the 1,500 residents on this tiny Caribbean island in dance contests, barbecues and a steel-drum concert at Fort Bay. It's a weekend — not just a day — when the island shuts down for celebration.
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Shell for a Spell, Sanibel Island
Beginning in December, Gulf storms decorate Sanibel's 12 miles of beaches and the neighboring island parks with lightning whelks, dainty scotch bonnets, starfish, clams and patterned calico scallops. For optimum shelling, head out about an hour and a half before low tide after a new or full moon.
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December Summer, Tasmania
Get two for one at The Taste Festival, Hobart's Waterfront Celebration, where two events combine to form one super-fest. Food stalls line the streets, where food-theater presentations, ephemeral art displays and food-and-wine tours take place around historic Sullivans Cove.
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