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Choosing The Right Garment Bags

Take the headache out of packing for events or business trips by keeping your clothes looking freshly pressed, from the dry cleaner to your hotel.

Heading on a business trip or out-of-town wedding? The last thing you need to worry about is arriving at your destination with wrinkled clothing, however keeping clothes free of wrinkles is easier than ever with so many options of quality garment bags on the market.

AmazonBasics Premium Garment Travel Bag
This option can contain up to three suits or dresses with plenty of extra room for accessories. | Amazon

Make a list of the infrastructure that goes along with your main workwear. A good garment bag will have room not just for the clothes, but also the belt, the shoes, and the other accessories that go along with it, especially if you're going to make it your carry-on. With enough pockets and space for all the finishing touches, you can avoid running around the local downtown hoping to at least not wear your ratty sneakers to the meeting.

Zegur carry-on
This sleek option is ideal for professionals. | Amazon

Sometimes you just need a garment bag that will get the job done. A no-frills carry-on bags that is easily tossed over the shoulder with the convenience of a cross-body strap is an easy way to breeze through TSA–with an added bonus of exterior pockets that provide quick accessibility to electronics and travel documents.

Maxlite garment bag
Keep your arms free from added weight with this option. | Amazon

Whether rushing to make a flight or a connection across the airport, garment bags with ball bearing wheels and retractable handles make gliding to your gate effortless. Not to mention, no need to break out the iron when checking into a hotel because interior padded straps keep suits and dresses wrinkle free.

Swissgear folding wheeled garment bag
This full-sized folding wheeled options features ample storage. | Amazon

For the type-A traveler who prioritizes organization, a garment bag with ample pocket room ensures that everything has a place–from a phone charger (and perhaps, a back-up phone charger) as well as tablets, snacks, and passports or other forms of identification. It's a solution that's perfect for both men and women who want to keep their clothes wrinkle-free and looking polished.