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Choosing The Right Waterpoof Phone Case

If you’re hitting the beach or the pool, make sure your phone survives.

Our smartphones have become indispensable parts of our lives, and also expensive. And that presents a real problem when you have to go somewhere that isn't phone friendly, like on vacation at the beach or even just down at the hotel pool. A good waterproof case will help you snap family photos without worrying what might happen if you slip.


Size is Important

First, make sure your phone fits. Thanks to the many, many, many different screen sizes on phones, some big-screen phones like the iPhone XS Max won't fit in all waterproof cases. Check the specifications carefully to ensure that your phone will fit. And remember, this needs to be a tight seal, so don't worry if you get a case that fits and it takes a little work to click it in.


IP Doesn't Mean Inundated Phone

If you're taking your phone under the water to snap photos, or need it with you when you'll be going swimming or boating, look up its IP code. IP is short for International Protection, and the higher the number, the more protection you get. Most phone cases are rated IPX6 to IPX8, with IPX8 (up to 100 feet down for two hours) generally being the highest. If you're wondering about the X, it's for particulate matter, and means there's no data. Unless you vacation at a chemical plant, it won't be an issue.


Keep It Hanging Around

Don't forget about the lanyard clip! Even the strongest grip can slip underwater, and even the best swimsuit can have its pockets flipped out by a cannonball. A lanyard will keep your phone from drifting off into the waves or slipping unnoticed to the bottom of the pool. And, of course, it'll also keep you from losing it when you're out of the water, or just don't feel like wearing anything with pockets on vacation.