Great Island Inn's Signature Vintage Ford Bronco Is Now For Sale

This green beauty needs a new home—preferably with a garage to protect it from the elements.

One of my favorite morning routines is checking my personal email for daily listings of specific vintage vehicles on Bring a Trailer. None more so than old Ford Broncos, as a boy can dream that maybe one day the prices of these classic rides will come back down to Earth a little. So, imagine my joy when this morning's email subject was "1974 Ford Bronco Ranger now live on BaT"—and then imagine my shock when I realized it's the signature Bronco from New Hampshire's Great Island Inn.

The New Castle Island property is cool enough on its own, with its six guest studios, but a visit is undeniably better when guests get the chance to snap a selfie or two next to this stylish American classic. Now, though, owner Doug Palardy has made the tough choice of listing the Bronco, and he has two very good reasons.

Bronco Inn
We can only hope the new owner embraces the Inn's name on the door. | Doug Palardy/Bring a Trailer

First and foremost, this beauty needs to be protected. "Now that it has become so valuable and is a showpiece, we can never leave it outside in the elements," he told us. "Salt air and sun are death to vintage cars, so, with that, we are selling it to someone who wants it in a garage setting for most of its future life."

Prior to becoming the most recognizable car around Portsmouth, this Bronco spent 25 years in storage and presumably looks as sharp as it did when the original owner turned the key for the very first time. The green exterior, brown seats, and removable white hard top combine for a charmingly rugged look, and the vehicle is certainly right at home in an island setting.

Bronco interior
From the green paint to the interior wood trim, this Bronco oozes vintage style. | Doug Palardy/Bring a Trailer

The other reason for the sale? This boutique apart-hotel and sister properties, The Rye Motor Inn and The Inn Downtown, will soon be joined by the Islander Café. Coming this summer, this spot will undoubtedly serve as the place to be for breakfast and lunch during days filled with exploring this under-the-radar island destination.