Conquer Your Resolutions in Aruba

Westin Aruba
Westin Aruba

Just because January is over doesn't mean you can blow off those New Year's resolutions. At least one resort is happy to provide financial incentives for you to meal those pesky goals.

The Westin Resort & Casino in Aruba is encouraging wellness year-round with a new "13 Resolutions for 2013" program. The year-long initiative offers guests 13 perks catered to the top 13 most commonly-broken resolutions.

For example:

  • Guests get a $13 room credit for "checking in" their cell phones with the front desk. Now just enjoy the quiet.
  • Discounts -- many cleverly computed for 13 percent -- are available such things as massages (to reduce stress) and virgin cocktails (to cut the booze intake).
  • Complimentary fitness programs are available to those looking to trim waistlines in 2013.
  • Even free apple, carrots and celery sticks are available upon request for those having a tough time quitting smoking.

The Westin Resort & Casino in Aruba features 481 guest rooms, more than 200 of which include ocean views. For full details on the 13 for 13 program, click here.