Devices for Keeping Better Track of Your Children on Vacation

Kids can wander off, but you can bring them back on time (or keep track of them) with the right tools.

September 25, 2019

From their first steps, kids seem prone to vanishing on their parents. And as they get older, and feel their independence more, it can become a struggle between their inquisitiveness and your concern for their safety. And while investing in bungee cords and just tying them to your belt can be tempting, consider a locating device instead.

Tiny Trackers

Cube Key Finder Smart Tracker
Cube Key Finder Smart Tracker. Amazon

Any tracking device you use will need to be durable. Just think about all the stains, soakings, and other miseries even the best kid visits on their clothes and you’ll realize what any tracking device will go through. Waterproofing and rugged construction will ensure you’re able to keep tabs on them from a distance.

Leave a Digital Trail

Breadcrumb Mini Portable Bluetooth Location Marker
Breadcrumb Mini Portable Bluetooth Location Marker. Amazon

Consider a device with alternate methods of alerting you to their presence, like LED lights inside the case or a beep that goes off at the touch of an app. In addition to letting you cheat at hide and go seek, these will make it easier to find kids in crowds, dark rooms like theaters, and other locations where their exact GPS coordinates don’t exactly help them stand out.


The Push of a Button

Relay Kids Phone Alternative
Relay Kids Phone Alternative. Amazon

For older kids who may not be ready for a full phone, but who you’re willing to give a degree of independence to as long as they stay in contact, a device with calling or speaker features is worth investing in. Generally these have a button tied to your phone number they can push and call you with, in addition to tracking facilities. Think of it as a walkie-talkie but more discreet and with better range. And certainly a lot easier to use than those bungee cords.


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