Discover Hawaii

9 must-do activities while visiting the amazing islands of Hawaii.

Hike Haleakala
The staggering view isn't just for sunrise anymore. Great hikes start here, both into the crater and on the outer slopes. Local secret: Don't miss sunset. It's less crowded, and warmer.
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Visit Volcanoes National Park
A wonder of the natural world, approachable volcanism (note the couple on the cliff) may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Unless you come back next year — it'll probably be erupting then too.
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86 bishop museum hawaii bucket list
Founded by Charles Reed Bishop in 1889, the collection evokes all of Polynesia. From stone tools to a king's feather cloak, the artifacts illustrate a dynamic culture, which has long included the museum itself. See more must-do Hawaii activities. | John Elk III
Hula Dance
Real hula will move you. Check out Blaine Kia's group to see hula performed by children raised with the values — honor, beauty, love of nature — that inspire the dance.
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See Kauai by Helicopter
In contrast, Kauai hasn't erupted in 4 million years (give or take). That's why it's the lushest Hawaiian island. A flight over Kauai gets you places none but the most intrepid hikers ever get to see.
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See Molokini
The rim of an ancient volcano, this sliver of island off Maui draws divers with its calm waters and abundant marine life. But just flying over it puts a smile on your face.
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75 surf waikiki hawaii islands bucket list of travel
If you can stand on sand, you can stand on Waikiki's long, easy-breaking waves. Duke Kahanamoku learned to surf here. Riding into one of the world's most identifiable skylines is more than a day at the beach. Read a classic Islands article about surfing in Hawaii.
Enjoy World Food
Hawaii attracts top chefs from around the world and keeps the ones born here. The mix of local and international flavors makes what you eat here as delicious as what you see.
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