Dispatches: Greetings from Paradise Island, Bahamas

ISL0512Lori Barberly

My room number has five digits.

As in, room number 11-544. Can I tattoo this number onto my hand? You know, so I can find my room, or simply remember to keep looking for it? I’ve been distracted by a Maya temple, Chihuly glass sculptures, underwater ruins, 12-foot manta rays, shopping malls, slot machines and thousands of smiling kids — slipping and skipping through miles of water slides, rivers and aquariums.

Of course, all this is Atlantis, visionary Sol Kerzner's take on the mythical sunken city, raised from the depths as a modern-day, semi-sunken resort. Perhaps the world's most ambitious. I'm here for a travel conference. It's an odd setting for one. Atlantis is decidedly not the Bahamas, nor travel. It's a fantasy. A megasize one.

Now, if only I could locate my room in it all ... whoa, a race-car track?!”