From the Dominican:

Dominican Republic
ISL1012_dispatchesAudrey St. Clair

“That’s not Thailand. I promise. It’s the northeast coast of the Dominican Republic. Far from the beach-view balconies and lounger landscape of Punta Cana stand towering cliffs and jagged rocks carpeted with grass and etched by time. I’m on a dinghy rounding the Samana peninsula on my way to Fronton Beach, where I’m promised the ‘best snorkeling in the DR’ by our guide, Roberto Guzman. He’s right. Purple fish, blue fish, red fish, yellow fish — it’s like a Dr. Seuss underwater playground that I never want to leave. With every head turn, a new spectacle comes into view, a new color leading me to the next. The nooks of giant brain coral hide tiny life forms, while slews of slithering eels guard the seafloor. Like I said, this isn’t Thailand. But it might as well be. It’s my own little exotic escape just a two-hour plane ride from home.”