Eco-friendly Watch Fit for Travelers

Sprout ST5500

What’s in a watch? You’d be surprised, or at least I am with the Sprout ST5500. The band is made from Tyvek, an eco-friendly fiber, so it’s biodegradable. But I wouldn’t dare compost it.

On a recent trip to the Turks and Caicos, a fellow writer commented on its casual-chic, monochromatic design that’s fitting for a hike or a nice dinner — perfect for travel. The mother-of-pearl dial and exceptionally soft (and recyclable) strap adapt to virtually any environment, except underwater.

Sprout has other models for that — including a men's line. Because the watch is so light, I keep forgetting it's on my wrist. But best of all, this renewable, recyclable, fashionable timepiece is affordable. From $60 at Sprout Watches.