The Cheapest Way To Score A Luxurious Vacation To Italy

Want to experience the country’s amazing cities like an A-lister and contribute to a great cause? Here’s your chance.

The idea of winning a beautiful, luxurious villa in majestic Southern Italy is the stuff of dreams, but some of us just aren't ready for the whole owning property overseas thing. Honestly, as amazing as it would be to win, it just sounds like a lot of extra work (spoken like a person who is admittedly still mad he didn't win). But what about a magnificent 8-night getaway to Italy at an unbelievable fraction of the actual cost?


Now you're speaking our language.

The same generous geniuses behind the "Win Houses in Italy" concept, which previously awarded one lucky so and so a renovated townhome in Pizzo Calabro, have launched the "Win VIP Holidays" effort with the same goal of making someone's vacation dreams come true while generously benefitting The Children's Society. And first on the docket is another Italian escape, just far less permanent.

For only $12, would-be travelers have a shot to win a getaway valued at approximately $36,000—I hope you didn't just spit espresso all over your screen. Included in this epic experience is eight nights at various luxury hotels located in settings from "Florence to Lucca to Pisa, then Porto Venere to Santa Margherita and finally to Portofino." Come si dice, "Yowzers"?


The winner will also receive €2,500 in spending money, a personal driver with executive car, return business class flights to Florence, and fully guided personal excursions, among other perks. If it seems too good to be true, just know that making it as unbelievable as possible is one of the goals, because a lot of people deserve an extraordinary gift right now.

"Millions of us always wonder what it is like to experience what the rich and famous do on holiday whether that's staying in 5-star accommodation, being driven around by your own chauffeur or flying at the front of the plane in Business Class, now they can with this fantastic prize draw competition," explained Jon Nurse, the founder of these creative brands. "COVID-19 has caused massive disruption for everyone these past couple of years and that has meant many haven't enjoyed a vacation. Now, with the restrictions and rules being relaxed around the world, we've created Win VIP Holidays to give people the chance to win a holiday in places they've only ever dreamed about and to enjoy a break away."

And, of course, the other goal is to give back to children in need, as The Children's Society seeks to give kids the happiness they deserve. So, don't be afraid to buy a couple extra tickets. The contest ends on August 29, 2022, so act fast.