Exploring Jade Mountain

October 1, 2011

Step inside one of the Caribbean’s most exclusive and romantic resorts, the architectural wonder that is Jade Mountain on St. Lucia. Browse the gallery, then check out our Jade Mountain Travel Journal.

Jade Mountain’s Galaxy Sanctuary. Credit

What you’re seeing: This is Jade Mountain’s Galaxy Sanctuary (JE1), featuring 270-degrees of open-air living space. Oh, and a “galaxy” of stargazing options from your bed, infinity pool, jacuzzi and – with a little leaning – well, the toilet.

Why Jade’s rooms are called sanctuaries: We dismissed the sanctuary billing as resort hype. Then we stayed at Jade Mountain. Here are three reasons the moniker measured up…

Rooms are plural; your sanctuary is singular. Credit

Stay in a room at most resorts and doors lead to bedrooms, bathrooms and patios. You sense that your room’s floor plan is identical to your neighbor’s. At Jade, a sanctuary has just one door: its entrance. There are no separate rooms, and your open-air view is uniquely yours, hidden from site to all. The same is true of your infinity pool, your sunning perch, hot tub and bed. Even the entry path to your sanctuary is exclusive to it – enhancing the idea that this experience is unique, and all yours.

Rooms can be shared with anyone; sanctuaries must be shared with a loved one. Credit

Sanctuaries ooze of intimacy. There’s no TV, nor radio. Accessing the internet requires a short walk to the resort’s reception. In your sanctuary, it’s just you, your partner, an open-air view of the Pitons and the sound of water trickling over the edge of the infinity pool. The surreal setting taps couples into the present, to each other, and to indulging in every moment together.

Rooms are one aspect of most resorts; sanctuaries are Jade Mountain’s focal point. Credit

Sure there’s snorkeling, diving, sailboats, a spa, six restaurants and two beaches available to guests of Jade Mountain, but all fall short of matching the can-you-believe-this draw of the sanctuaries themselves. They embody the resort’s allure, and explain why celebrity’s flock here, and why it’s hailed as one of the sexiest escapes in the world. In a sanctuary, the biggest dilemma you’ll face is why you would ever step outside of it.


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