Family Travel: Cozumel's Best Family Resort

Ready to take the kids on a vacation to Mexico? Our guest bloggers and family travel experts, the Wakefield family, stayed at the family-friendly Presidente Intercontinental resort in Cozumel — and had plenty to say about it. Take a look at their top 20 vacation must-dos, and read more about their family adventures at


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When you visit Chankanaab Park, don't miss Dolphin Discovery, where amazing encounters are a family experience (even one-year-olds can join in!), and little ones will love to touch and feed these favorite sea creatures. | Courtesy The Wakefield Family
If your fam can't get enough quality time with sea creatures, don't miss Stingray Beach. Wade into the shallow pool, where dozens of stingrays will glide around your ankles like kittens or take it a step further by snorkeling with the rays and plenty of other colorful fish. | Courtesy The Wakefield Family
At the Presidente, you're far enough outside of town to feel secluded, but close enough for easy access to activities and fun (if you ever decide to leave). At this beachside resort, the oversized bathtubs (view included) are a treat for little ones, and the hospitable staff and luxurious digs are exactly what mom and dad need. | Courtesy The Wakefield Family
Join Captain Carlos on his boat, the Albatross, for a thrilling birds-eye view of San Miguel's coast. Parasailing is an adrenaline-rush, but the calming quiet in the clouds keeps any nerves at bay. Smaller kids can ride tandem with an adult. (And don't forget your camera!) | Courtesy The Wakefield Family
What kid doesn't love swimming, splashing and perfecting their cannonball? Nestled just off the beach, the main pool is another excellent spot to end the day and enjoy the sunset. There's also an adults-only pool, something to keep in mind if your little ones are enjoying the day at Chiqui Club. | Courtesy The Wakefield Family
There are dozens of places for families to visit on the Yucatan Peninsula across from Cozumel. While Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Akumal Bay are all favorites, the Mayan city ruins at Tulum are a great place for family-friendly history. Explore the remains of this ancient city that overlooks gorgeous Caribbean water and white sandy beaches. The views are truly breathtaking, and the kids won't be complaining at this outdoor history lesson. (A "museum" that's not boring? We'll take it.) | Courtesy The Wakefield Family
There isn't really a wrong way to enjoy a gorgeous Cozumel sunset — take a family stroll along the beach, book a catamaran and relax on deck as the sun slowly creeps below the horizon or take it in from your resort balcony. If only all nights could end like this. | Courtesy The Wakefield Family
Paraiso Reef is only a 15 minute boat ride from San Miguel, and here the clear water is the only thing between you and a colorful reef flashing with vibrant sea life. We recommend Cozumel Tours, where they'll get you a glass-bottom boat so you can enjoy the passing sea life below, even on the journey there and back from your snorkeling experience. | Courtesy The Wakefield Family
For a new perspective on underwater adventures, an Atlantis Submarine Expedition will zip you 100 feet below the surface to places where only dive gear will take you. The submarine gets you just as close to the huge reefs — no tanks or fins necessary. | Courtesy The Wakefield Family
Mopeds and motorcycles are the most common form of transportation on the island, but for families, a rental car with your kids buckled up in the backseat may be the easiest way to tour the island. Just a few miles south of San Miguel, the traffic disappears, and you'll hit the open road as it is meant to be experienced. With the island only being 29 miles long and 10 miles wide, you can easily drive around the island in under two hours — but with all the beautiful places to stop and enjoy, we're guessing it'll take a little longer. | Courtesy The Wakefield Family
On the east coast drive, you're situated as close to the shore as you can get without a beach towel. Quaint roadside shops and thatch-roofed restaurants that overlook the sea pop up every few miles in case you need a stop. (Be sure to keep your eye out for the natural rock formations that create blowholes when the surging waves crash inland.) | Courtesy The Wakefield Family
There is something about the excitement of discovery that is elevated on an island — you never know when you are going to turn a corner to discover a secluded beach, a tranquil bay or a picturesque view. With kids, the element of surprise can be an ultimate win for your vacation. | Courtesy The Wakefield Family
Make time for a visit to Costa Brava — an authentic Mexican restaurant with a comfortable, off-the-beaten-path vibe. You'll find this delicious food spot (and the kindest waiters on the island) located on Calle 7, just around the corner from the post office in San Miguel. | Courtesy The Wakefield Family
Live like a local and spend a Sunday night at the the family-friendly plaza in downtown San Miguel where you can enjoy live music while shopping for homemade pastries and trinkets, or just visit and relax — it's a lost art that we all need to indulge in. Kids will get a kick out of the street performers that range from fire-jugglers to spray paint artists, and you'll love the laidback island vibe that makes you feel at home. | Courtesy The Wakefield Family
Play in the sand? Splash in the waves? Explore tide pools? It's a tough choice indeed, but with these kind of options, the whole family is a kid again. Bring your water shoes, and hop along the rocks to find these mini ecosystems. The darting crabs, miniscule sea life and delicate shells in the tide pools provide plenty of entertainment for adventurers of all ages. | Courtesy The Wakefield Family
Give yourself plenty of time to wander through Faro Celerain Eco Park, right on the southernmost tip of Cozumel. The view from the lighthouse on the coast (faro is Spanish for lighthouse) will take your breath away — and not just from climbing the circular staircase. A musuem at the base of the lighthouse shows what life was like on Cozumel in the 19th and early 20th century, but our favorite spot to experience a simpler life is in a hammock on this secluded island beach. | Courtesy The Wakefield Family
Cozumel's beaches are some of the best in the western hemisphere. We found two of the island's best at the Presidente, where the two separate beaches are well-kept and dotted with plenty of thatched palapas shading tables and beach chairs. It's the perfect place to relax in the shade, enjoy the cool, crystal blue water or soak up some sun. | Courtesy The Wakefield Family
Many of the resorts offer outdoor activities for kids that expand far beyond the pool. For example, the Presidente Intercontinental's Chiqui Club is jampacked with fun activities — from palm tree plantings to iguana feedings — for little guests to enjoy the great outdoors (while mom and dad get a break to themselves). | Courtesy The Wakefield Family
With first-class snorkeling sites just steps from the beachside rooms, you can explore the reef as much as you want. The calm water of Cozumel is perfect for young ones or beginner snorkelers, and the four docks at the Presidente have steps into the ocean for easy entry. Just a few feet out from the far south dock lies the remains of an old sunken ship, where schools of fish drift in and out of the wreckage and barracudas swim slowly by, unfazed by the occasional snorkeler. Ready to be on the water instead of in it? Head to the boat dock where you can rent kayaks and paddle boards. | Courtesy The Wakefield Family