What Are The Galápagos Islands Known For?


Underwater pinnacles that rise from the sunken volcanic crater at Devil's Crown form a highrise for large schools of king angelfish and yellowtail grunts, turtles and sea lions, and the more-than- occasional hammerhead and white-tip sharks. The dive is relatively shallow, and snorkelers can paddle around comfortably in the crater.



The 340-foot-high summit of Bartolomé, an uninhabited isle just off Santiago Island, is reached viaan easy climb up steps and a wooden walkway from the beach landing. The reward for the walk is a panoramic view of the sea and the surrounding islands.



Combine a day of relaxing on a white-sand beach with a swim among sea lions at Gardner Bay on Española Island (also called Hood Island), where the marine mammals seem happy to share the gentle surf with visitors. Afterward, stroll down the strand to the volcanic headland at either end of the bay, where sally lightfoot crabs and marine iguanas bask on the black rocks.