Get Here: Khao Tapu, Thailand

James Bond should have never found this upside-down bullet of an island that now bears his name. If you followed his adventures in 1974's The Man With the Golden Gun, you might think you'd need a flying car to reach this spot, supposedly in Chinese waters. (You'd also think the actor who played Fantasy Island's Tattoo should be here to greet you with champagne on a tray.) James Bond Island, less famously known as Khao Tapu, is actually in Thailand's Phangnga Bay. From the U.S., fly into Bangkok and then take a transfer flight to Phuket and a car to Ao Phangnga National Park. Day cruises go by this park's limestone marvels. Unlike James Bond, you won't have to fight a mad man armed with a golden gun. You may, however, have to battle through tourists. Your secret weapon is a private boat, which you can charter to the island through any travel agent. That way, you'll avoid larger boats while seeing the other wonders in the surrounding 40-plus islands. Then stay in one of the park's eight bungalows for your own quantum of solace.

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