Get Here: Zanzibar


The Other Africa Sitting on this coconut palm-lined beach, you'd never guess cheetahs, lions and elephants roam the African mainland nearby. Zanzibar Island, about 30 miles from the Swahili Coast, does have its own fair share of wild critters, but the island is better known for secluded shores like Jambiani beach, pictured here. To experience a sea- and-sand safari for yourself, fly to Tanzania on South African Airways and then hop a daily, 90-minute Sea Star ferry to Zanzibar. Rent a four-wheel-drive to tour the island's loamy interior (be sure to watch out for leopard crossings ), and put the windows down to smell the cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg emanating from working plantations around you. Keep driving southeast through the Jozani Forest; you'll know you're at this beach when spicy wafts turn sea salty, and red colobus monkeys and antelopes give way to Indian Ocean breezes and coral reefs. Ask a local fisherman for a ride on a handcrafted dhow, and scope out the beach from the reef's edge to find a secluded spot. Then pull up a parasol and enjoy Africa's tropics.

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