Ghizo What its known for


Local dive operators call Grand Central Station at the northwestern tip of the island one of the world's best fish dives. It's a drift dive off a deep wall, a gathering place for sharks, rays, trevally, and barracuda. And as a backdrop, the wall itself is a colorful mosaic of soft corals and seafans,


Wood carvings, a long tradition in these islands, are the favorite souvenir of visitors (miniature canoes are a mainstay on Ghizo). For those interested in culture beyond the souvenir shops, walking tours that include insights into bush medicine, shell money, and village life are available through the local hotels.


Remember the saga of PT109? During World War II, a young John F. Kennedy and his PT boat crew were shipwrecked after a collision with a Japanese destroyer. They swam to an islet that became known as Plum Pudding Island, one of a string of tiny islands near Gizo. It's now also known as Kennedy Island, and although JFK couldn't appreciate it at the time, the snorkeling is superb.