Go Diving in Eleuthera

February 21, 2009
diving in eleuthera

The southern-facing view from Light House Point on the island of Eleuthera isn’t just a humbling sight; it’s also an illustration of why this 110-mile-long sliver in the Out Islands of the Bahamas is such a draw for underwater revelers in early spring. From this vantage point, the inky blue Atlantic Ocean roars like a chilly March wind to your left, while the Exuma Sound lies still as a lamb on your right. And beneath this turquoise waterscape spreading out from Eleuthera’s eastern shore is hidden a spectrum of geography as dramatic as the Grand Canyon that’s just begging to be explored.

Come to Cape Eleuthera, on the southwest coast of the island, and stay in the heart of the Exuma Sound’s year- round calm and 80-degree water. After a 10-minute boat ride into the Sound, see conch shells resting on sandy ocean floors, shimmering reef fish swimming through sunlit tunnels, and miles of rock walls that plunge 1,000 feet into the depths. Continue to enjoy the sea’s bounty even after you’ve dried off: Dine on spicy conch salad and whole grilled snapper at Captain Jacks Restaurant & Bar in North Palmetto Point. Take comfort in the sea breeze as you eat; your next foray into the deep isn’t far away.

Plan Your Trip

  • Stay in a marina-front town home at Powell Pointe Resort on Cape Eleuthera for easy access to the Exuma Sound and nearby Rock Sound. Learn more at
  • Arrange a dive trip to Tunnel Rock for a picturesque swim-through. Or dive the Cape Eleuthera Institute Fish Cage to see a sustainable cobia farm. Powell Pointe at Cape Eleuthera: One-tank dives from $60.
  • Read a recent trip report, see an interactive map and photo gallery by clicking here.

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