Going on a Beach Vacation? Get a Waterproof Wallet

Never get caught with a fistful of wet bills like a jabroni again with these waterproof wallets that will keep your cash dry.

October 9, 2019
waterproof wallet
Your nice wallet belongs in the hotel safe. Bring a waterproof replacement instead. Shutterstock

Whether planning a relaxing, tropical beach vacation or snorkeling adventure, investing in a lightweight, durable waterproof wallet will ensure that you have cash at the ready for a piña colada at the swim-up bar or easy access to credit cards. Quality options are ideal for slipping in the pocket of a pair of beach trunks or in a small beach bag.

Keep Cash and Cards Dry

Skog Å Kust’s Plånbok
Skog Å Kust’s Plånbok Floating Waterproof Wallet Amazon

What’s even better than a waterproof wallet, but one that floats as well! Perfect for beach vacations, camping, or taking on boats, IPX-6 waterproof technology will keep your cash and bills dry. And have the peace of mind knowing your wallet will float in the water, even full at maximum capacity with six cards, 20 folded cash bills, an ID card, and 2 standard keys.

Compact Design that Fits Anywhere

SlimFold’s Minimalist Wallet
SlimFold’s Minimalist Wallet For A Thin, Durable, and Waterproof Design Amazon

Who says a waterproof wallet has to be bulky, when in reality ultra thin models can hold up to eight credit cards while still being two to three times thinner than leather. By combining both Kevlar and GORE-TEX technology, your wallet will have the feel of a high end ski jacket despite being just a bit wider than a credit card and taller than a dollar bill.


All-Purpose Waterproof Storage for Essentials

YETI Hopper
YETI Hopper Sidekick Dry Hip Pack Amazon

For the more adventurous traveler, a hip pack that fits securely around the waist will ensure that your valuables and essentials stay dry and intact, even while hiking in a downpour or braving the white water rapids. Powerful magnets create a 100 percent waterproof shield that will provide peace of mind in any situation.


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