Grand Cayman: A Slice of Creativity

October 28, 2008

Macaroni may epitomize American comfort food, but it’s also the principal ingredient in McPudding — a bread pudding that’s light in texture, sweetened with raisins, browned to a glossy finish and found exclusively on the East End of Grand Cayman. At Vivine’s Kitchen, a local choice for conch stew and sorrel juice, indulge in a generous slice prepared by owner Vivine Watler, who’s been making the dessert for nearly 20 years. As you relax by the sea and dive into the sticky treat, savor the cinnamon and syrupy tastes. But mostly, you can delight in a dessert born from having the right ingredients on hand at the right time. It’s a sweet salute to Caribbean kitchen ingenuity. 345-947-7435

Rate Information

  • Vivine’s Kitchen offers a generous portion of McPudding for about $2.50 a slice.

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