Great Family Vacation Ideas For The Hawaiian Islands


The Hawaiian Islands are a great destination for your next family vacation with easy flights, family friendly resorts and numerous attractions. A family vacation to Hawaii is an fun way to introduce your child to a new culture. Try visiting the Bishop Museum in Oahu. There your family will learn the history of Hawaii and see all kinds of interesting Hawaiian artifacts. At the [Polynesian Cultural Center](/Polynesian Cultural Center), your family will learn about the various cultures of Polynesia. Hands on demonstrations, traditional dance performances and story telling will engage your kids and fill them with a sense of wonder and of course you can't miss the luau!


For those families that enjoy a little action, the islands are known world wide for there water sports. Surfing, canoeing, fishing and diving were an integral part of Hawaiian life. In Hawaii, families can partake in these activities. Nothing is more magical than being on an outrigger canoe or surfing just offshore Oahu or Maui.

If you plan your family vacation during the winter months, you will be able to see the Humpback whales. With just a mask and snorkel, you and your kids can submerge yourselves in to an amazing underwater world, where you can hear the whales communicating with each other and see loads of tropical fish swimming in and out of reef. The Maui Ocean Center has an extraordinary collection of Hawaiian fish, sharks, turtles and even a touch pool where your kids can feel some of the sea creatures.


The islands of Hawaii and Kauai are less developed and offer more nature-based activities. You can still enjoy a luau or surf lesson but the main attractions of these islands are the natural surroundings. Live volcanoes, snow capped mountains, lush tropical jungles, rolling pastures and so much more. Hit the trails on a hiking adventure or rent a horse and gallop on the beach.

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