Greenland What is known for

December 5, 2006

Greenland Airports

Fly to the international airport of Kangerlussuaq, known as the “gateway to Greenland.”

Greenland Cruises

For his Greenland trip, Jad Davenport was on board the National Geographic Explorer ship for the “Viking Saga” voyage offered by Lindblad Expeditions as it left from Iceland and went around the southern coast of Greenland. That cruise itinerary won’t be offered in 2010, instead going to the Faroe Islands and Scotland. Norwegian Coastal Voyages does have several Greenland cruise itineraries for 2010, from eight to 14 days. Polar Star Expeditions offers a 19-day “Viking Trail to the Americas” among its offerings that include a leg from Iceland to Greenland.

Greenland Tours and Activities

Kayak where the activity originated with Inuit hunters from Greenland. Since the 1980s the sport has become a favorite pastime here. Take a multi-day guided tour of the fjords in remote Scoresbysund on the eastern coast, or at Maniitsoq. Or hike the classic, 90-mile trek from Sisimiut inland to Kangerlussuaq. From coastal fjords to tundra, musk ox, reindeer, arctic foxes, high lakes, and the inland ice caps, this strenuous hike offers a look at some of Greenland’s natural treasures.


Greenland Souvenirs

Japan has its netsukes, and Greenland its tupilaks — small carvings of grotesque, demonic figures that once represented mythical or spiritual characters to be used against an enemy. Once made mostly from bone, today the figures are generally carved from reindeer horn and narwhal tusk. Now a popular souvenir, the tupilaks vary in quality, but in the hands of a gifted Inuit artist, they still evoke the Greenlandic heritage.

Greenland Official Tourism Site

Learn more through the Greenland Tourism and Business Council.


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