Guadeloupe what it's known for

Diving There is a reservation around the island of Basse-Terre, where visitors can admire the magic water world through the glass bottom of boats or by scuba diving. In Guadeloupe, even unexperienced divers can follow the ballet of fish of all colors. At almost every beach you can explore the coral reefs with snorkel and mask. Very often the water is only kneehigh and always crystal clear.

Beaches The first reason to choose Guadeloupe as a destination are for its beaches -- turquoise blue, soothing wam water and palm trees bending in soft trade winds.

The beaches attached to the hotels are where you will find all of the activities. For the more adventurous minded, there are about 50 beaches at the end of dirt roads -- some of them only accessable by foot.

Each beach area has its own character and spirt: powder-like white sand on Grande-Terre, golden brown sand on the leeward coast, black sand from the volcano on the west end of Basse-Terre, etc.