He Says, She Says: Jamaica

March 15, 2012
Parasailing in Jamaica

Parasailing in Jamaica

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Best Meal
SHE: Trust me, Jamaican KFC is the best in the world (the secret’s in the salt). And if I’m in Kingston on a Sunday, fried fish at Hellshire is essential. But whatever I’m eating, you can bet I’m swigging an ice-cold Ting with it.

HE: This is sacrilege. I don’t come to Jamaica to eat KFC (even if it is better). But I will drive her there. My mouth waters for Scotchie’s jerk pork and festivals. We can, however, agree to hold Ting to the highest levels of Jamaican culinary sacredness.

Favorite Beach
SHE: Frenchman’s Cove in Port Antonio because it’s small and understated yet sophisticated — like me.
HE: I prefer Reggae Beach, east of Ocho Rios, where the rustic beach bar makes up for its lack of sophistication with plenty of laid-back, irie vibes — like me.


**You couldn’t pay me to …
**SHE: Ride the chairlift at Mystic Mountain. Being suspended above the rainforest with nothing but a metal bar between me and the treetops isn’t my idea of fun. I’ll hitch a ride up to the gift shop in an enclosed four-wheeled vehicle, thanks.
HE: Apparently, it’s inappropriate to take photos of Sarah crying on the chairlift. I like heights, so I’ll take a parasail over Seven Mile Beach while Sarah takes my picture. Then, over a beer, I’ll laugh at her for crying on the chairlift. That’s always appropriate.

Best Souvenir
SHE: When it comes to mementos, I believe in buying local —and buying often. Like local sculptor Gene Pearson’s clay masks, scored for a song in the gift shop at Couples Tower Isle.
HE: Anytime Sarah disappears while I’m shooting, I just find the nearest gift shop and wait patiently till she’s done. The silver lining: This downtime has allowed the beauty of Gene Pearson’s work to sink in. I own three. Sarah has good taste (but I’ll never admit it again).


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