How to Create a Travel Kit for Keeping Your Electronics Charged

It’s easy and affordable to keep your phones, tablets and other gadgets organized and powered up.

November 5, 2019
Portable chargers keep everything running
Keeping a phone charged on vacation is easy. But tablets and a laptop? That takes extra effort. Shutterstock

Nothing can be worse than having your phone die while you’re in the middle of a trip. With so much information stored on our pocket-sized device, you need them to be ready and charged up even if you’ve gone hours without seeing a single electrical outlet. Luckily, there are options as to how you can keep your gizmos at 100% battery life wherever you are.

Traveling Light

BAGSMART Electronic Organizer
Bagsmart Electronic Organizer. Amazon

For those quick trips where you plan on bringing your phone, but leaving the tablet or laptop at home, a good case with enough space for all your cords will serve you well without taking up a lot of room. If it comes with a portable battery, check to see how long you can expect it to go on a single charge, and is easily accessible when it needs to be recharged.

Traveling Heavy

Electronics Organizer Travel Cable Cord Bag
Electronics Organizer Travel Cable Cord Bag. Amazon

No one wants to pack up a bunch of cables only to unpack one giant knot when you arrive. To keep things more organized, you’ll want to look for something that not only has the space you need, but enough compartments to keep everything separate. Check to see if the compartments are adjustable so you can customize it to your own specific arrangement. If you’re going to be traveling with more electronics, make sure the portable battery can handle charging multiple devices at once.


Traveling Durably

Ditto Electronics Organizer Travel Bag
Ditto Electronics Organizer Travel Bag. Amazon

Along with being both spacious and portable, it’s essential to find something that can protect your gear. Check to see if the bag is padded, waterproof, and shock-absorbent. Even if it weighs down your load a touch, finding a battery that can go for days without leaving you powerless can make that extra weight worth carrying. After all, you never know what kind of unexpected pitstops your journey might involve. Best to approach them with a full battery.


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