How to Have an Awesome Family Vacation in Aruba


September 11, 2019

Family vacations can certainly be difficult to plan. From worrying about accommodating for the little ones to making sure it’s still worth your while as an adult, there are so many factors and decisions that play into planning the perfect family vacation. Vacations to Aruba might become a regularity after reading this, though.

Travel to this Caribbean island, and experience a family vacation Aruba you’re sure to remember. From learning about the environment with your children to trying “snuba” for the first time, this island has no shortage of activities. Rates are affordable, and warm, invigorating weather comes free.

So, if you’re now interested in planning your next Aruban family vacation, read on for some ideas about where to stay, where to play and where to enjoy a night out.

Family Friendly Vacation | Where to Stay in Aruba
Banana Boat Ride De Palm Island


The Ritz Kids program at the Ritz-Carlton – Aruba is where the whole family can go all “Bill Nye the Science Guy” by learning about environmental conservation and wildlife through the resort’s partnership with the famous ocean explorer’s grandson, Jean-Michel Cousteau. Stay for $419 a night.

Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort and Casino is home to Camp Hyatt Watapana, a program jam-packed with with pool games, beach-exploration walks and cultural lessons. Room service and all restaurants also include kids menus, so pleasing a picky palate is no problem. Stay for $350 a night.


Bring your binoculars to Bubali Bird Sanctuary, and spot more than 80 species, including skimmers, coots and cormorants. Stop by the Butterfly Farm to feed (yes, feed) the delicate insects, and watch them whiz by in a flurry of color. If you have time, squeeze in a day trip to De Palm Island for a banana-boat ride or to try snuba, a cross between snorkeling and scuba diving for families with kids over 8 years old.



The weekly, Tuesday-night Bon Bini Festival in Oranjestad is a crowd-pleaser for the over-18 set. With steel-drum bands, local dancers and a lively crowd, you can’t help but put down your phones and cut loose. Dine at the Flying Fishbone Restaurant – Aruba for a feast with nary a chicken nugget in sight.


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