Island Cocktail And Tropical Drink Recipes

If you can’t be on an island in body, let these potent libations transport you to in spirit.

Hurricane Tropical Drink
The Hurricane Be careful — with six kinds of alcohol and blended with tart fruit juices, this aptly named cocktail will knock you off your feet. Get the Hurricane drink recipe " | Thinkstock
Planter's Punch
Planter's Punch A Caribbean classic, this sweet-tart punch gets its sunset hue from a splash of grenadine. Get the Planter's Punch drink recipe " | Thinkstock
LLB cocktail
The Limoncello LLB LLB stands for lemon, lime and bitters — we've swapped the lemonade for Amalfi coast-made limoncello to add a little extra kick. Get the Limoncello LLB drink recipe " | Mackenzie Smith
El Codo del Diablo Drink
El Codo del Diablo Cocktail The vibrant jade hue comes from a mix of orange juice tinged with Blue Curaçao. Get the El Codo del Diablo cocktail recipe " | Puntacana Resort & Club
Abuelorita Margarita Drink
The Abuelorita The 3-ingredient Abuelorita puts a Caribbean spin on the traditional margarita. Get the Abuelorita drink recipe " | Credit
Sour Coconut Tropical Drink
The Sour Coconut If you like piña coladas (and getting caught in the rain), try this super simple refresher. Get the Sour Coconut recipe " | Thinkstock
Tropical Drink Recipe: Jalousie Plantation's Passion Honey Shandy
Jalousie Plantation's Passion Honey Shandy This cocktail from St. Lucia's Jalousie Plantation takes the traditional British shandy blend of beer and lemonade and adds fragrant passionfruit juice. Get Jalousie Plantation's Passion Honey Shandy drink recipe " | Reagan Johnson