Island Eco-Tours for Spring

March 19, 2011

These three adventurous island-eco tours will help you learn about endangered plants and species in New Zealand, Madagascar and Borneo – and show you how you can give back to the causes.

PLANT A TREE Visit the west Aucklands Eco-Tour Farm and plant a Kauri tree, one of New Zealand‘s most endangered species that can live for 2,000 years and reach 50 meters in height, to offset carbon emissions from the tour. Guests at the Hamilton family’s 100-year-old farm just 40 minutes from downtown Auckland can feed lambs, walk through an apple orchard, drink afternoon tea with pavlova and tour a honey-bee farm. 64-9-4117080, [email protected] Shutterstock
PROTECT PLOUGH- SHARE TORTOISES Tour Madagascar, and you’ll help restore habitat for the Ploughshare tortoises. Guests listen to indris, the largest lemurs, see the world’s largest chameleons, view baobab trees, sip coffee while surrounded by ring-tailed lemurs and hear representatives of the Durrell Wildlife Trust explain their efforts to save the most endangered tortoise on Earth. 855-326-8687, Return to Main Page_
RESCUE A RED APE Tour the northeastern section of Borneo, and visit the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre, where swiflets’ nests are harvested for bird’s-nest soup and Pygmy elephants dot Kinabatangan River valley. Dive or snorkel on Lankayan Island and learn about efforts to protect wild red apes. 877-463-9756, Return to Main Page Shutterstock

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