Islands Packing List: Travel Gear

Don't leave home without these travel necessities! Be prepared for anything with our ultimate gear packing guide for your next island adventure.

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Coppertone Ultraguard Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50

Nope, we don't have the orange tan that would indicate we work on location for Islands. Yep, we use the SPF 50. Click here to get it now.

Benadryl Itch Relief Stick Extra Strength

The best time to shoot jaw-dropping photos is as the sun is going down. It’s also the best time for mosquitos and noseeums to come out and feed on our flesh. This stuff hits the spots, literally. No consuming required. Click here to get it now.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer, SPF 15

We cover all skin with sunscreen or sun-resistant clothes — except the lips. They’re important too (insert pouty face). A quick swipe with this stick and they’re safe (insert happy face). Click here to get it now.

Banana Boat Soothing Aloe After-Sun Gel

Remember that first product on the packing list — the Coppertone SPF 50? Confession: We forget sometimes. Bring on the aloe. Click here to get it now.

Sea to Summit TPU Guide Waterproof Case for Smartphones

This company makes dry bags for serious kayakers and campers. So we trust them with our most precious possessions — our iPhones. Wait, we’re photographers. Make that our second-most precious possessions. Click here to get it now.

Backwoods Cutter Insect Repellent

We’ve encountered biting flies in Hawaii that could chew through tree trunks. A bottle of Backwoods is coming with us on assignment, just in case. Click here to get it now.

Nathan Power Shower Refreshing Body Wipes

You know those moist towelettes they pass out during flights in first-class? Yeah, the ones you see on the floor as you’re passing through to coach. These little gems bring a little first-class to the masses. Great during long, hot photo shoots too. _Click here to get them now. _

Travelon ID and Boarding Pass/Passport Holder with Snap Closure

Little gadgets like this make traveling sooo much easier. Now we don’t have to dig into a pocket (hang on ... which one?) for a crinkled-up boarding pass and the passport (wait ... wrong pocket). We keep it all right here in one spot, and leave pockets free for ... Click here to get it now.

Humangear GoToob 3-Ounce (3-pack) Travel Bottle

Read carefully. It’s GoToob, not GooToob. We use these 3-ounce bottles to carry shampoo, hair gel, salsa or whatever we want to pass through the carry-on screening. They save space in our luggage too — no need to haul a 24-ounce bottle of L’Oreal or a jar of Old El Paso in the suitcase. Click here to get them now.

Travel First Aid Kit

We'd be fools not to spend $9.99 on this kit. It's smart to have at home and in the car, not just on an exotic island (though the tweezers and exam gloves could come in handy). You have to click the link and see the 47 items that are in this bag. Click here to get it now.

TankH2O Water Bottle

I’m not a fan of buying bottled water, so I always pack a refillable water bottle when I travel. Tank’s bottle meets my main criteria: It’s BPA-free and it’s cute. What more can a girl ask for? Click here to get it now.