ISLANDS Wish List - Best Dominican Republic Baseball Trip

If you love island beaches, the Dominican Republic, beach resorts and real baseball, this is a trip worthy of your own travel wish list. Here at ISLANDS, editor Robert Stephens is a bit of a sports nut. From following baseball for years, he wanted to go to the island known the world over for a tradition of baseball. He and ISLANDS super photographer Jon Whittle headed to the Dominican Republic, where they found baseball fields within a baseball throw away from the best beaches, villas and resorts in all the Caribbean. Imagine combining one of the hottest summer vacation destinations in the world with one of the best summer games anywhere, and you have this Wish List trip. Did Robert take the field? Yes. But don't worry — we don't have any of those photos in this gallery by Jon Whittle. Just beaches and legit players. Still, Robert has quite an arm.

See even more spectacular Jon Whittle images in our extended Dominican Republic photo gallery.